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3.General conditions of sale and delivery

General conditions All our quotations, sales and deliveries shall be subject to the following conditions exclusively, even if the customer expressly specifies otherwise. With the acceptance of our confirmation of order or the delivery of our goods, the customer declares his acceptance of our terms and conditions. Silence on our part as regards the customer’s terms and conditions shall not constitute any acknowledgement of, or consent to, the customer’s terms and conditions under any circumstances. All quotations are without obligation. Supplementary agreements and any other informal commitments need to be confirmed in writing by our Head Office in every case. None of the information contained in our catalogues is binding. This also applies to illustrations, weights, measurements and performance data. We reserve the right to alter specifications without notice.

3.1. Prices and sales tax

The prices and conditions which will apply are those in effect at the date of delivery. The quoted prices for our product range are EX WORKS, incl. packaging, not insured unless otherwise expressly and separately agreed. At the time valid incoterms shall apply. All prices shall be exclusive of Value Added Tax, which is shown separately in our invoices. In the case of inter-company deliveries, the purchaser shall give us an undertaking that the goods are being procured for his own company and are subject to the tax regulations applicable in his country. Prices are subject to change without notice.

3.2. Delivery and acceptance

Quoted delivery periods are approximations. If circumstances arise for which we are not responsible, e.g. a delay occasioned by delivery problems on the part of our subcontractors, the delivery period shall be extended accordingly. The delivery period shall also be appropriately extended in the event of industrial action, particularly strikes and lockouts. In the event of a resultant delay in delivery on our part, the customer shall not be entitled to any claims or cancellation of the transaction.

3.3. Right of the supplier to withdraw

In the event of a serious deterioration in the customer’s business, particularly financial circumstances, stoppage of payments, winding-up or transfer of the business or his death or similar, or if the customer pledges stock, receivables or the purchased goods, or orders them as a security for other creditors, the supplier shall be entitled to demand security and to rescind his obligation to supply if the security is inadequate, and to demand compensation on grounds of nonfulfilment. In the event that we are prevented from manufacturing the ordered goods due to circumstances for which we are not to blame, we reserve the right to withdraw from the contract, wholly or partially, without the client being thereby entitled to make any claim whatsoever for compensation, subsequent delivery or withdrawal from the contract.

3.4. Packing, transport, carriage charges, small order supplement and transfer of risk

We reserve the right to choose the type of packaging used. Cardboard, paper and plastic packaging will not be taken back but must be disposed of by the receiver of the goods. Pallets, wire-mesh box pallets and other usable containers may be returned to us, carriage paid, within three months. Deliveries by post and express services will be charged at cost. If a carriage paid delivery is agreed, the supplier shall be entitled to choose the method of transport employed. For consignments to third parties, an adequate supplement of a percentage of the value of the goods will be charged. All risks shall be transferred to the customer when the goods leave our factory/ depot or are made available to the customer at our factory/depot.

3.5. Terms of payment

Our invoices are payable immediately net in Swiss Francs or Euro or US Dollar after receipt of invoice unless otherwise expressly and separately agreed. In the event of delays in payment, the customer shall without further reminder be liable to pay to Speedbicycles GmbH (Ltd liab. Co) (SARL) default interest at a rate of 2% above the relevant discount rate of the National Bank of Switzerland. As long as older invoices remain unpaid, no entitlement to discount shall exist on the payment of new invoices. Bills of exchange shall not be accepted. If payment is made by cheque or other form of documentary remittance, the charges therefore shall be borne by the customer. If the customer is late in making a payment or his financial situation deteriorates markedly after the conclusion of the contract, all debts shall immediately become due for settlement. The customer may only offset these with uncontested or legally established counter-claims. The punctuality of payments, or otherwise, is determined by the date on which the funds are received by us.

3.6. Retention of title

We shall retain title to the goods supplied until all the debts due to us and incurred as a result of the business relationship have been settled in full, irrespective of the legal justification therefore. As far as such retention of title has to be recorded in public registers, the customer undertakes to issue all statements legally due for this purpose upon the supplier’s first request. The customer shallbe entitled to process our products or to use them with other products within the scope of his regular business operations. As a surety against our aforesaid entitlements, we shall acquire co-ownership of the objects resulting from the processing or combined use of our products, the said co-ownership being assigned to us by the customer coincidentally with the acceptance of these Conditions of Sale. The customer shall be required to keep the objects subject to our co-ownership at no charge to us. The amount of our share of co-ownership shall be determined in accordance with the value of our product relative to the value of the object resulting from its processing or combined use by the customer. We grant our customers the right of resale in the normal course of business, subject to revocation. The said right shall be withdrawn in the event of a suspension of payments. With the acceptance of these Conditions of Sale, the customer shall assign to us all the debts and additional rights accruing to him from the resale. The assigned debts shall serve as a security for all our claims. The customer shall be entitled to collect the assigned debts, provided we have not revoked this authorisation. The authorisation to collect debts shall be withdrawn, even without any express revocation, if the customer suspends his own payments. If we so request, the customer shall inform us in writing and without delay as to whom he has resold the goods and the debts due to him as a result of the resale, and furnish us with certified documents of transfer of the debts at his expense. The customer shall not be entitled to any other provisions in respect of the objects to which we retain title or of which we hold co-ownership, or in respect of any debts assigned to us. The customer shall notify us with-out delay of any attachments or other legal impairments relating to objects belonging to us, either wholly or partially. We shall be entitled at any time to call for the return of goods belonging to us if the customer falls into arrears on a payment or if his financial situation deteriorates to a marked extent. If we enforce this right, withdrawal from the contract shall only arise if we expressly declare the same, irrespective of any other mandatory official regulations. If the value of the securities assigned to us exceeds our receivables and entitlements to redemption by more than 20 %, we shall, at the customer’s request, release securities to an amount to be decided by us. Samples and drawings shall remain our property, even if the customer bears the costs, or a proportion of the costs, thereof.

3.7. Returns Goods may not be returned without our prior consent.

Failing this, returned goods shall not be accepted. In the case of returns, we shall be entitled to levy a processing charge according to our goodwill procedure. The costs of any reconditioning required shall be invoiced separately. If goods which have been delivered carriage paid are subsequently returned by the customer, the costs of the initial delivery shall be deducted from the credit note.

3.8. Warranty and Liability

We guarantee only the perfect, functioning of new products provided they are installed correctly and in accordance with their inten-ded purpose. In the event of proven defects in material or work-manship we shall provide full replacement of materials. We shall not be liable for old and used items even when new-old-stock, any further damage, particularly as a result of improper handling, overloading or natural wear and tear. This shall apply in particular to surface damage caused by the use of incorrectly used, abrasive or aggressive cleaning agents. Our warranty and liability in respect of materials not manufactured by us shall be restricted to the warranty and liability provi-ded for in the conditions of sale or our subcontracted suppliers. The warranty period shall be 1 year from the date of invoice of the defective fitting. If we manufacture goods to a customer’s specification, he shall be wholly responsible for ensuring that no patents or other third party rights are infringed. Any complaints concerning the weight, quantity or quality of the goods shall be notified in writing immediately after their discovery and, in any case, one week at the latest after receipt of the consignment. If the complaint proves to be justified, a replacement consignment shall be delivered free of charge and carriage paid to the original destination; in the event of quality defects, however, this shall only apply if the faulty parts are returned. Any further claims for replacements or abatement or compensation for indirect and/or direct damages shall be excluded, unless we are unable to effect a re-delivery or are guilty of gross negligence. The goods must still be in the condition in which they were delivered. For goods which have been used, the warranty terms shall apply.

3.9. Place of fulfilment, court of jurisdiction, obligations imposed by contracts

The place of fulfilment for all the obligations arising from the contract is the place in which the supplier’s premises are located. The court of jurisdiction for both parties is the suppliers domicile. The contractual relationship is subject to the material laws of Switzerland. Should any provision of the contract be or become partly or entirely invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions of the contract shall not be affected. The invalid provisions are replaced by a valid rule, which attains the parties economic intent and purpose with regard to the invalid provision. The same shall apply in the event of any gaps of the contract. The Swiss original of the “Conditions of Sale and Delivery” is authoritative.